Christmas Sunday Fair

Coconuts & Cocktails
Dining & Merchandise from EITS Café


Sunday, December 13, 2020

Visit EITS Café for a holiday gift shopping experience & support Jamaican businesses

EITS full dining menu and cocktail bar included below

Nutmeg inna Jamaica

Born in France to a North African, Algerian mother and a French father, Magali is inspired by her heritage. Since she was young she has been passionate about graphic design and practicing using different mediums. Nutmeg in Jamaica’s main canvas is calabash gourds, perfect for lifestyle accessories, interior decor and fashion. All Nutmeg in Jamaica pieces are uniquely hand made using local supplies.
Bring your shirt, bag or other item. Pick an original design from my catalog and get a customized spray tag in 5 mins for $500

Touch by VLS

Touch By VLS is a contemporary ceramics studio founded in 2013 with the help of billionaire Richard Branson. Our permanent series, The Urchin Collection is an ode to the sea- a lyrical story rife with spiked sea eggs, lace-like carved pendants and quirky tea sets. We create a window into a magical world that we invite you to experience through the elevation of the senses; sight, taste & Touch.


ASD is a lifestyle brand geared towards empowering women through illustration and representation. The products range from clothing to mugs and are cute but functional. Shop Online at

Henna Jamaica

Henna Ja is a business that specializes in henna designs on the body as well as hand painted gift items such as plate plaques and clothing items.

Offering a Holiday special with prices starting at 1500 JMS for Henna & 2500 for Jagua.

Please wear a skirt if you’re interested in getting a design on your feet …

The Milkery Jamaica

Enjoy Lactose free full cream Jamaican cow milk / coconut milk homemade yogurt as healthy dessert or snack!

Served with homemade granola made from oats roasted in caramel and lime juice with a pinch of Jamaican spices, cinnamon & nutmeg. No chemical conservatives or chemical aromas added.

EITS Café Menu


Special Holiday Menu featuring a few select Jamaican European infused Christmas foodie goodies!