We Had a Fire At EITS CAFE

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At EITS Cafe / Jamaica Mount Edge Guest House we’ve endured a difficult loss last month 13/11 as we had a terrible fire on property that burnt down our main house, entertainment room, art gallery and two guest rooms. As you can see in the photos we are very grateful that it never spread any further.

We are fortunate to still be able operate — as the Café area and neighboring rooms were saved.

If we can take a moment to reflect with you and especially those who shared this space with our family —let us remember the nooks and crannies, the little ironic details and the energy that made the space what it was. For those who know EITS, we are a rustic guest house, entrenched in our culture and built by the hands of hard working Jamaicans full of heart. Our main house was built in the 1980s – and over the years it grew to house some amazing mementos that gave life to the space and those who spent time there. The main house, entertainment room & art gallery was home to Jamaican relics, artwork and newspaper clippings that told a story of our growth as well as musical instruments that have been blessed by the most mystical of Jamaican musicians.

We’re grieving yet hopeful…

But just like the mystical Phoenix
“Beauty will rise from the Ashes“

We are asking family, friends and those who have held sacred space with us in our home, our guest house, our Café & on our little mountain side to contribute anything possible to lift us up while we turn this into an opportunity to grow and rebuild. Life is full of obstacles and opportunities — your support in this time is everything.

Thank you for making a donation to the 17MilePost Family – EITS Cafe / Jamaica Mount Edge Restoration efforts. We are currently able to accept donations via paypal OR you can fill out the form below and pledge your contribution and we will send you our banking information so you can make a direct deposit.


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Jamaica Mount Edge Guest House View Room
Jamaica Mount Edge Guest House